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Robert Thirkell

Robert Thirkell is the TV troubleshooter with a proven track record in making hit TV documentaries and formats.

Robert has a long and distinguished track record spanning 20 years of top entertaining series. The first series he produced and directed, Troubleshooter, won the BAFTA for originality. He went on to win the first two BAFTAs in the new formatted features category for the series Back to the Floor and Blood on the Carpet which created the modern formatted revolution. He created a host of other successful series for the BBC all of which followed strongly developed characters, under pressure, leading to transformation, with a strong narrative storyline.

Since leaving the BBC he has specialised in formatting series at their inception, for broadcasters and production companies, guaranteeing their quality and helping series get on air as troubleshooter, consultant, and series editor.

Transmissions he has helped: for Channel 4 range from Jamie's School Dinners (BAFTA winner), and The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off (International Emmy winner) to When Big Chef met Little Chef and The World's Maddest Job Interview; for the BBC from Human Planet (BAFTA craft winner) to the original formats The Day the Immigrants Left, The Town that Cut Everything and The Town that Never Retired; for Channel 5 The Hotel Inspector. He has also helped broadcasters around the world from DR and SVT to Discovery and ABC.

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